Storm Construction

Staying dry in extreme weather is the zenith of Hardshell design. Everything else is secondary to the prime function of keeping you protected in extreme environments. This requires high performance fabrics, but also calls for the very best in functional design. And the very best in functional Hardshell design is STORM construction. All products carrying this signature label utilise a combination of our most advanced construction methods and premium components. All zip entries feature internal storm guards, including our recently developed pocket storm guard system to provide the maximum possible defence against water entry. They use the very best and most protective zippers from YKK® throughout, fully protective internal pocket seams that include pocket edge lamination and bonded seam construction where necessary, coupled with cord-locks, pullers and adjusters that can be used with or without gloved hands.

Seam Placement

Seams can be a potential point of weakness on any jacket. To overcome this, the location of each and every seam is thought out in advance, removing them from key points of wear or abrasion and where possible, removing them entirely. When this is not possible, critical seams such as those found at the hem or formed by a pit-zip being inserted are bonded to make them lower in profile.

Seam Construction

Each and every Hardshell uses a ‘top-stitch free’ seam construction. This finely tuned method involves manufacturing each piece of the final product ‘inside-out’, joining panels together with an extremely high stitch count to create a smooth and seam-free outer face that is both exceptionally strong and highly resistant to abrasion. Each resulting seam is then further reinforced by the application of seam-tape.

Face Textiles

We source face-textiles from GORE-TEX® specific to each of our product’s performance requirements. Densely woven 40 denier and 80 denier twisted Nylon yarns make up our PRO face textiles, each of which has a smoother outer face to offer significantly better abrasion resistance when compared with other similar face textiles.

Seam Construction

Each and every Hardshell garment is meticulously seam taped to guarantee it is waterproof and maximise durability, even in extreme conditions. We predominantly use seam-tape that is just 13mm wide to minimise weight, increase breathability and reduce stiffness in the garment. Key stress points have additional 22mm seam tape reinforcements.

Bar Tack Reinforcement

Critical stress-points on the jacket are individually bar tacked to prevent seam failure, a common occurrence on less well thought out garments. Our cuff tabs feature additional bar tacks, positioned at the top of the seam, and not the bottom, specifically to withstand the pull-forces exerted on them in daily use.

Storm Guard

Reinforcement All main jacket entry points feature internal and / or external storm guards in addition to YKK® Aquaguard® zips to guarantee the highest levels of protection.* Full-length, laminated storm flaps are inserted directly behind the main centre front zip, whilst the pockets use our inner pocket storm guard system. Minimising water entry both with the pocket open or closed, it features a stiffened and laminated guard, coupled with an integrated conical base to capture and divert any moisture away from