Good hood design is crucial to the performance of any sleeping bag. Effectively protecting the head and neck whilst preventing heat loss from the main body of the sleeping bag ensures maximum warmth and efficiency wherever a bag is used. Our Down Control hoods are the product of our unmatched experience of real world use combined with extensive laboratory research. Whilst maintaining the overall anatomical shape of the existing hood we have focussed on improving the baffle structure and shaping to further reduce the likelihood of down migration. This superior down control gives a marked improvement over the basic designs that are more widely available and provides a substantial improvement in performance through the life of the sleeping bag.



8 zoned baffles provide maximum hood down control and unrivalled insulation in bags designed for the most severe conditions imaginable.


7 baffles provides exceptional down control set against minimum weight to give the ideal hood for serious, long term use.


A 5 baffle hood providing high levels of down control, low weight and excellent insulation.