Fit is as important in a sleeping bag as it is with clothing and is critical for optimising thermal efficiency and comfort. Every Mountain Equipment sleeping bag is built around one of four fit blocks; Mountain, Mountain Comfort, Alpine and Expedition, each engineered towards a specific use.

Mountain Fit

The foundation stone of all our fit blocks, this semi-tapered mummy profile combines excellent thermal efficiency and comfort for all-round mountain use.

Mountain Comfort Fit

Offering the same basic fit as the ‘Mountain’ but with a wider foot piece and consequently wider lower leg. Whilst not as thermally efficient in high-stress situations it offers considerably more room and a less restrictive sleep.

Alpine Fit

Maintaining the same upper body dimensions as our ‘Mountain Fit’ but with a tapered lower leg section to maximise thermal efficiency and minimise weight.

Expedition Fit

Wider and longer than our standard ‘Mountain Fit’, the Expedition Fit caters for the needs of high altitude mountaineers and polar explorers allowing the user to wear or store additional items of clothing etc. inside the sleeping bag.

Women's Fit

A number of our sleeping bags are available in a Women’s Fit. These bags have been tailored to better match the female physique as well as having modified foot-pieces with a higher concentration of down and deeper baffle chambers. If the bag uses EXL technology, this too is placed in a modified position.