Drilite Loft

Drilite® Loft was developed by Mountain Equipment at the beginning of the 1990’s as one of the first genuinely water resistant down shells in the world. Until this point the use of down sleeping bags in difficult and damp environments required considerable care and was frequently impractical for even the most experienced users. With it’s exceptional water resistance and breathability
Drilite® Loft helped to change the way that down bags were used. The fabric has evolved and become lighter over time but it remains ideal for protecting down during extended use and in difficult conditions today. Used extensively around the world it has proved itself from high altitude expeditions and exposed bivis to less serious valley use. All Drilite® Loft fabrics are extremely light and use a microporous water resistant Drilite® coating to offer high levels of water resistance. With a hydrostatic head of 1500mm Drilite® Loft is ideal for those who rely on their insulation in hostile environments.

Drilite Loft II:

Considerably lighter than the original fabric, but still with the same highly water resistant 1500mm hydrostatic head, Drilite Loft II weighs a maximum of 50g/m2. This is the ideal fabric for sleeping bags destined for serious mountaineering, climbing and backpacking use in difficult conditions.

Drilite Loft SL:

Maintaining the same impressive 1500mm hydrostatic head but with a maximum weight of only 35g/m2 Drilite Loft SL is a class leading fabric for the most serious users. Ideal for Super Alpine climbing and the most lightweight expeditions where protection, pack size and weight are critical to success and even survival.


Helium fabrics are exclusively sourced by Mountain Equipment to meet the exacting standards required for climbers, mountaineers, backpackers and adventurers. Lightweight and ultra-compressible, they are the perfect choice for any product where weight and bulk are a prime concern. Thanks to their densely woven structure and use of fine denier yarns these fabrics are all down-proof by construction, highly tear resistant and exceptionally breathable.

Helium 30:

Weighing as little as 30g/m², Helium 30 combines fine denier yarns and a high thread count to create a fabric that is exceptionally light, compressible and tough. Its densely woven construction ensures the highest levels of downproofing, wind resistance and resistance to heat loss.

Helium 50:

Weighing as little as 50g/m², Helium 50 uses densely woven mid denier yarns to create a fabric that is both soft, strong and low in weight. Down-proof, wind resistant and exceptionally breathable it is ideal for a wide range of outdoor applications.


Supersoft linings provide an outstanding combination of low weight, breathability, durability, down proofing and comfort. These fabrics use an interlocking woven structure of superfine yarns to ensure that down cannot escape through the life of a sleeping bag. Down proof by construction Supersoft linings don’t require additional coatings that impede moisture movement. This helps to ensure that you stay comfortable and your insulation dry whether on protracted expeditions or a weekend of low level camping.

Supersoft 40:

Provides exceptional durability, breathability and downproofing with low weight.

Supersoft 20:

Provides exceptional low weight, breathability and down proofing with good durability.