Down 850

Our very best Goose down. Sourced from Western Russia, with an actual cluster content of 93%* and individually tested to ensure its fill power and beDOWN CODEX audited.

Our supply for European Goose down has recently moved from the Ukraine to Western Russia. The audit of this supply chain is currently in progress and is due for completion by November 2014. However our early investigations indicate that conditions are very similar to those previously found in the Ukraine; birds being raised on small family farms or small-holdings with flock sizes that typically amount to no more than 20 birds. The geese live a free-range life with plentiful access to fresh water, food and shelter. Free to roam around the farm-land during the day but returning to small farm-yards each evening. Down is collected from these farms and small-holdings by local suppliers and batched together for cleaning and processing, initially in Russia before being shipped to our wholesaler in Germany for final processing.

This down is used in our sleeping bags only. In our Extreme, Extreme SL and Xero ranges of bags.